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Core Energetics 
10th International Convention
Greece 2024

The Future Evolution
of Core Energetics

25 - 29 September 2024
Wyndham Grand Crete Mirabello Bay
Aghios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece

Dive into the heart of transformation at the Wyndham Grand Mirabello Bay, set against the backdrop of Crete's enchanting landscape. This year's theme, "The Future Evolution of Core Energetics: Navigating through the Big Challenges Emerging in a New Society and a New World," promises profound insights, evocative experiences, and a merging of ancient wisdom with forward-thinking methodologies.


Experience the Evolution 
Join passionate practitioners, thought leaders, and trailblazers from across the globe. Embark on a journey of exploration, diving deep into the rich terrain of Core Energetics, as we shape its future together.


Engage in Dynamic Dialogues
Delve into presentations, lectures, and workshops, each illuminating the path forward. With the world at a pivotal crossroad, Core Energetics stands poised to guide us through transformative change.


Connect and Celebrate
Forge lasting connections with fellow enthusiasts. Revel in the joy of shared experiences, the warmth of newfound friendships, and the powerful pulse of collective consciousness.


Crete's Enchantment Awaits 
Beyond the conference halls, the magical land of Crete beckons. Immerse yourself in its timeless beauty, history, and the very essence that has inspired poets, philosophers, and seekers for millennia.

This isn't just another conference. It's a transformative gathering, a soulful sojourn, and an invitation to shape the future.

Hosted by the Greek Core Community

The Conference

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